Help Our Parish Community

Last week at Mass, Fr. Paul encouraged everyone to take home  A NEW HOME AWAITS card and pray about how you might be able to help our parish community in this historic moment. Have you taken the card home? Have you prayed over to see how you can participate?

In case you missed the message, click the below video for a recap of Fr. Paul’s message:

We need everyone…

To make our vision a reality and begin this new chapter for our community, we need everyone’s help to raise $550,000. This money will cover the additional costs of the project as outlined in this letter from Father Paul

Our goal is to have 100% of our families participate in this historic campaign. If every parish and school family participates, we will be able to fund this building project. You are important to the success of the Campaign!

How you can help…

Join us on this remarkable journey by making a pledge or gift to our Capital Campaign today!

Your donation, no matter the amount, will make a significant difference to advance the work of Our Lady of Guadalupe parish and school in service of our faith!  To make a donation or pledge click here

Thank you for your prayers and continue support of this project!