The Rose Window that shines brightly in our church was installed during the 2008 church renovation. This iconic stainglass window grew out of architect Daniel Young’s vision for the new OLG sanctuary. Our pastor at the time, Father Ray, researched the history of the traditional design and worked with Tim Carey and David Judson of Judson Studios, who hand-cut every single piece of glass for the window.

“The vision went from Father Ray’s head to the artist,” said project manager Rick Lopez.

“I asked the artists to try to capture Creation, symbolized by an explosion of color from the core,” Father Ray said. “I wanted something that truly captivates one’s heart and imagination. The Cross in the center reflects that all things have been created in and through Christ.”

Red and white roses border the 8-foot window, which reflects shades of blue and violet, inflamed with rays of gold. More roses and rays trail down the side panels of the church. Father Ray said he wanted the window to fill the church with Our Lady’s essence, but not her image.

“The artists’ challenge was to take that and create a window that speaks of her,” he said. “They did it, and it’s magnificent.”

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Photos of the 2008 Church renovation provided by parishioner, Christopher Barnes