To have 100% of our parish families be part of this historic campaign.  We ask everyone to prayerfully consider a pledge. (Pledge at whatever amount you can, but I am suggesting $1/day for the next 5 years; a $2,000 pledge.) If every parish and school family participates, we will be able to reach our goal of $3.9 million!  You are important to the success of the Campaign! It is also my desire as pastor, that when this project is complete in 2021, that every member of our Parish will come to church each Sunday, or drop their children off at school each day and when seeing the addition to be reminded that this is something we all accomplished together! Peace, Fr. Paul


To date, we have collected $3.96 Million in cash and pledges. Thank You! We have achieved our goal! This is an incredible achievement. We are so grateful. This is a blessing to our current families and those in the generations to come! We are still accepting donations to cover the additional costs of the projects such as furniture, equipment, and more. So there is still time to have your name (or the name of a loved one) on our donor wall by making a pledge of up to 5 years for $2,000.  Thank you to all who have helped so far, in both large ways and small ways.

Virtual Walkthrough

The Project is underway and we expect completion by September 30, 2021!

I hope you have had a chance to see the progress of our building project! We are currently on schedule to complete construction September 30, 2021.  I want to again thank all our donors! Additionally, although we are blessed to have gotten this far, the original price of construction did not include Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment, plus there are some additional odds and ends; staircase from the church to the patio, new entrance courtyard to school, and retrofit of the current school offices to be used for ministry.  So, we still can use, and need your additional donations. Remember a donation of $2,000 or more will allow your name to be on our donor wall.

Brief Project Overview

This project is an addition to our existing School building to benefit our entire parish, both the school and church communities. The blue shows the new addition this projects adds that contains; A Fine Arts/Music Room, a STEM Lab, office space and meeting space. Additionally, there will be an outdoor gathering area added outside the church and Music Room, and the current school office space will be converted to dedicated ministry space. The entire project is being added to the second floor, so that we have as much parking as currently (we actually will gain about 6 spaces) and we will have an ADA Elevator and underneath the outdoor gathering area is a picnic area with outdoor grill and sink.

Church at night


Making our vision a reality.

The Our Lady of Guadalupe Community is generous in countless ways. Time, talent, and treasure have been offered in abundance by many. We truly have great potential and, with the support of each of us, our plan can be realized.

Building Our Faith Homily 10-13-18 (Campaign overview)

Why, What, Where are We, and How Much? Each of these are addressed as Fr. Paul shares his vision for the Growth of Our Lady of Guadalupe Church. Our call is the Building up of the Church, both the physical, and the spiritual, both the buildings and “The People of God”. Specifically, regarding the capital campaign, this is an answer to the following questions: 1. Why is it needed? 2. What is it exactly? (How does the School benefit? How does the church benefit?) 3. Where are we in the process (When do we break ground? How much have we raised? How much more do we need to raise?) 4. What am I being asked to do?

The Final Push Appeal 9.27.20

We had been approved for our loan in February 2020, and were planning to break ground at our May Fiesta. As you know in March our world was changed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Our loan was put on hold. Since that time, even as many families have been struggling financially, and with MANY more stresses, your support of our parish and campaign have continued to be strong. Thank you, we are Blessed! We face a challenge now however as the expiration of our permits approaches, and more. We have just a short ways yet to go, but we need your help urgently, now. This appeal explains the details. If you can still help, please can you? Thanks again to all who have helped so much, so far. Peace, Fr. Paul

Our History

In the spring of 1920, “Miss Dewey”, a parishioner of St. James Church (the only Catholic parish at the time in the South Bay) encountered a group of young children frolicking on a dusty road in the hills of North Redondo Beach, CA. Never having seen these children at St. James, she asked them where they went to church. One answered, “To the Placita Church when our father can take us.” Little Juanita Martinez replied, “What is church? I have never been to church.” Shocked, Miss Dewey was moved to action with great apostolic zeal and generosity of heart to take these children to church and teach them the faith by beginning catechism classes for these children. Primarily through her efforts and those of the community of St. James, these children and their families grew in their faith and in 1927, the first Mass was celebrated in the “hall” of the Guadalupe Mission serving all the Spanish-speaking people of the South Bay.

On February 14, 1958, the Mission of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Hermosa Beach was raised to the canonical status of a parish, the parish we are proud to be a part of today. It has been almost 100 years since the mission of proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus to our community began. It has been almost 90 years since the first Mass was celebrated for our community rich in diversity and gifts for the service of God’s kingdom. It has been almost 60 years that our parish and school has continued to grow and form our young children in faith and excellence in academics to become good citizens and disciples of God’s kingdom. It is a proud vocation and tradition entrusted to us today.

Our Needs

Nearly 10 years have passed since our parish gathered to rededicate our newly renovated church building to the patronage of Our Lady of Guadalupe. This much-needed renovation of the church building, friary, and the offices was only accomplished by the generosity and hard work of all our parishioners here in our community.

Our growth and development have brought us now into a moment of great opportunity and excitement. With more than 1600 families attending Sunday Mass each week, and the growth of the School’s enrollment in recent years, we find that we are in need of more space. Our plan is to build a multipurpose facility – one that would include space for administration, meeting, ministry,  gatherings and a science lab and a music/technology classroom.

This new building project will gives our school a state of the art STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) lab, a music/arts room, new  meeting and office space, and will give our church from 3 – 6 rooms dedicated for ministry, shared use of the hall, music/arts room, and a beautiful gathering space just outside the church doors.

Join Us

To advance the work of Our Lady of Guadalupe parish and school in service to our faith, we ask for your support. Please join us on this remarkable journey by making a pledge or gift to this extraordinary endeavor. Download and fill out a pledge card and Mail To: Our Lady of Guadalupe Building Our Faith, 244 Prospect Ave., Hermosa Beach, CA 90254. Or pledge and donate online. Thank You!

Download this form, fill in and mail to:
OLG Capital Campaign
244 Prospect Ave.
Hermosa Beach, CA 90254

(To pledge/give online use buttons on the right)

Need Help? Any Questions? Email or call our office manager Jamie at: [email protected] or 310-372-7077 x228

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