Spiritual Workout Plan

The Guadalupe Youth Ministry (GYM) meeting the spiritual needs of all high school students in our community hoping to grow in their relationship with Jesus. 

1. Weekly Discipleship Groups – Each teen will have the opportunity to join a small group of 6-8 led by a Spiritual Mentor who will walk with them on their journey to grow in relationship with God through three discipleship stages – Discover, Follow, & Share:

✔️ Discover (Open to all) – Exploring the big questions of Life, who is Jesus, and why the Church matters including Alpha in the Fall that Parents are expected to join
✔️ Follow (Open to teens after completing first year) – Learning to live as Jesus lived, exploring what it means to be Christian, & studying the Church’s core teachings
✔️ Share  (Open to Confirmed HS teen) – Discerning God’s call in our life, applying Biblical principles to our everyday lives, and practicing living a life of virtue

Teens will join a discipleship group that meets after the 8 AM or 10 AM Sunday Mass, before the 6:30 Sunday Mass, or on Wednesday nights, and their Parents will have the opportunity to engage in a small group for parents at the same time.

2. Monthly GYM Night – All GYM members will attend & serve during the 6:30 Mass on the third Sunday of each month and join after Mass for a night of fun and fellowship.

3. Yearly Service Projects – A key aspect of living our faith is serving others in Jesus’s name.  Each discipleship group will design & lead service events based on where they feel called to serve and invite the GYM community.

4. Spiritual Enrichment Experiences – Each teen will have the opportunity to participate in a series spiritual enrichment experiences including retreats, camps, LA Youth Day, lock-ins, and much more to break out of the normal routine of everyday life in order to have an authentic encounter with Jesus Christ. 

Confirmation  – The Sacrament of Confirmation will be available to any interested teen at the end of their second year of active participation in GYM including the Discover & Follow tracks of the Discipleship Group, Sunday Gym Nights, regularly Sunday Mass attendance, yearly service project,  the Alpha & Confirmation Retreats, and a written & oral presentation of their personal testimony. 

* We are here to meet the spiritual needs of all in our community and are willing to work with families to provide flexibility so all can participate & grow together in Christ.


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2022/2023 GYM Schedule

Discipleship groups will meet at their scheduled time on Sundays or Wednesdays 3-4 times a month. Each spiritual mentor will manage the calendar for their team. The first 4 months of the Discover track begins with Alpha for teens & parents (See dates below)


9 – GYM Lock In
11 – Sunday Family Orientation
14 – Wednesday Family Orientation
25 – Sunday GYM 


16 – Sunday GYM Night


4-6 – Alpha Retreat (Discover Teens & Parents)
16 –  GYM Night (Wednesday)


18 – Sunday GYM Night 


15 – Sunday GYM Night 


19 – NET Retreat ((NET Ministries all-day retreat))
22 – Ash Wednesday
23 – LA Youth Day


3-5 Confirmation Retreat (Follow Teens)
19 – Sunday GYM Night 


9 – Easter
16 – Sponsor Retreat
16 – Sunday GYM Night 

* Calendar for May-August will come out at the beginning of 2023

Sunday Alpha

Sept 18, 25
Oct 2, 23
Nov 6, 13
Dec 4
RETREAT – Jan 21
Jan 8, 29
Feb 5

Wednesday Alpha

Oct 5, 19
Nov 2, 16
Dec 7
Retreat – Saturday, Jan 21 9 AM – 10 PM
Jan 11, 25
Feb 8

If you have questions or need additional information, please call the parish office at 310-372-7077.