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  A Word from Fr. Paul

Sunday preaching is the main way a pastor leads his congregation. I take preaching seriously, and do spend much time working on my weekly message. I base it on the readings, but also what I feel are the needs of our community.  My main goal is always to encourage and lead each of us to become more committed disciples of Jesus Christ. That is a lifetime journey for all of us. In order to help each of you follow along each week, I have added this section of our website.  I ask that you do take the time, to listen and study, and pray on the messages. If you find them helpful, please share them with others.  If you have questions, make an appointment with me, or simply comment on the post!

Tambien, tenemos los homilias en espanol de Padre Carlos!

May God Bless You!
Your Pastor

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Ways To Pray
Ways To Pray
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