Our Lady of Guadalupe Community is committed to protecting our youth and children from child sexual abuse. We comply with the Archdiocese of Los Angeles’ Office of Safeguard the Children and provide the training and education to our ministers to prevent child sexual abuse.


Every Catholic is called to protect the most vulnerable, including children who are at risk for abuse and exploitation. Find out how your community is working to prevent child abuse and get involved. You can continue to learn best tips and prevention practices through the DID YOU KNOW bulletins each week.

Safeguard the Children Training

If you are working with or around minors in the Catholic Church in the parish, sports, clubs, or school settings, you are required by the Archdiocese to attend the 3-hour “Safeguard the Children” class (also known as VIRTUS training). Most who attend find the information useful on how to protect our own and our community’s children from predators.

Classes are offered throughout entire diocese. Fingerprinting maybe required depending on your position.

CLICK HERE if you want to be contacted about the next Virtus Training at OLG.  Usually in Sep/Oct, Jan, and April.

CLICK HERE if you want to be contact about the next Live Scan Fingerprinting at OLG.  Usually in Sep/Oct, and April.

For more information on the VIRTUS Training Program, and to find a schedule of upcoming classes, and fingerprining offered throughout the Archdiocese, please visit the LA Archdiocese website on VIRTUS training. (Note we are located in the “San Pedro Pastoral Region”).

To find a completely comprehensive overview of all the efforts of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles to Protect our Children, help victims heal, and respond to the sexual abuse scandal of the Church, please go to: protect.la-archdiocese.org

For victims assistance, we encourage you to contact DR. HEATHER BANIS, Victims Assistance Ministry Coordinator from the Archdiocese of Los Angeles.
(213) 637-7650 / [email protected] /

Safeguard the Children