You will find the glittering mosaic of Our Lady of Guadalupe on the exterior wall of the Church office, facing Prospect Avenue.

In December 2011, this mosaic was installed to commemorate starting “Phase 3” of a rebuilding project to create the OLG preschool and upgrade school facilities to meet 21st century needs.

“We’ve been doing a lot of things here,” said Father Ray Mallett. “The church, our friary, and now the school and preschool.”

Each phase of parish work has started with a public dedication to a patron saint. Now this one is dedicated to Our Lady of Guadalupe—a vision of the Mother of God that was seen in Mexico nearly 500 years ago.

The mosaic was designed and constructed by artist Sergio Hernández-Madera of Guadalajara, Mexico, based on the iconic image of our church’s namesake and patroness.

The mosaic is crafted with bits of glass tile. When the mosaic arrived at OLG for installation, it had been damaged in shipment, so the artist flew north for a supply of tiles to make it good as new.

Hernández-Madera studied architecture and painting at the University of Guadalajara, and said “mosaic is a way of painting.”

Hernández Madera said he credits his abuelita—his grandmother—for his career in mosaic training. She used to make mosaics as a hobby. He learned from her, and still has some of the mosaics that she completed.

“The work his grandmother did he doesn’t sell,” said Father Lazaro Sandoval of the parish.

As Hernández-Madera does not speak English, Sandoval translated for the artist during his visit to Hermosa.

Those interested can reach Hernández Madera at his website:

His artwork and installations adorn private homes across Mexico and the U.S.; and in addition to religious subjects, his mosaics of mermaids, seascapes, landscapes, and flowers line swimming pools at resorts and crown the entrances of public buildings.

(Above excerpt taken from Our Lady of Guadalupe on Display)