Sacraments of Christian Initiation


First Communion


OCIA (Order of Christian Initiation for Adults) formally known as RCIA

Sacraments of Healing


Anointing of the Sick

Sacraments of Vocation

Sacrament of Matrimony (Weddings/Marriages)

Holy Orders

Conventual Franciscans in Rome,  local province St. Joseph of Cupertino)

The official title of the branch of the Franciscan Order is Friars Minor Conventual. They are known as Greyfriars in Britain, the Commonwealth and Ireland, Cordeliers (“cord bearers”) in French-speaking countries, Minoriten (“minors”) in countries where German is spoken, or simply as Franciscans in most other parts of the world. The Conventual followers of Francis chose to minister in the heart of the city rather than in more remote hermitages; they banded together in concentrated communities rather than wandering as itinerant preachers.