Our Parish Evangelization effort offers the Pathway to Discipleship regularly for anyone to grow deeper in their relationship with Jesus Christ.  The Pathway to Discipleship consists of three steps; Discover Christ, Follow Christ, and Share Christ.  Each time we offer a step on the pathway, we choose an experience to offer that fits that stage of a journey to discipleship.  But what if you as an individual want to move closer to Christ, or you or a group wishes to go deeper after the Pathway to Discipleship, or if you have or want to form a group who wishes to travel on your own? This page is meant as a resource to help that journey.

Follow Christ Resources

There are soooo many resources we could recommend for this stage.

  1. If you are traveling solo, and are a reader, be sure to look at our list of recommended reading here.
  2. Also be sure to join Formed.org for free though our website using our parish subscription. There you can brose through a plethora of great ways to deepen your following of Christ.
  3. From our suggested reading list, I always first recommend the book by Thomas Green, Opening to God as my favorite way to follow Christ.
  4. Two small book of daily reflections to keep by your bed: My Daily Bread by Tan Books, or The Imitation of Christ by Thomas Kempis (available in many translations).
  5. From Formed.org I like to call attention to Symbolon: The Catholic Faith Explained, a video presentation of our   catechism.
  6. Of course, don’t overlook the Sunday & daily Mass readings of the Church.  I always recommend praying the upcoming Sunday reading everyday during the week in preparation for the Sunday Mass.  I like to suggest the Ignatian method of praying the Gospel passages using your imagination.
  7. If you wish a little help in your daily reading and prayer with the readings, you can find it on this website on our Missaletts page. Or, formed.org has daily reflections also.
  8. Our Follow Christ was a custom program developed by Fr. Paul in English and Fr. Carlos in Spanish. The English version is available on this website here. If you missed the suggested format for our Follow Session Small Groups in your home, see the handout number 5 from this series.
  9. Our Follow Christ experience also included a workshop on the Eucharist. Much of that was presented in our Advent 2023 Teaching Mass Series. See that on our website here.
  10. You can also check the Christlife ministry for their Follow program, or book.