Take Up and Read Special Fall Sessions
The Gospel According to Luke: Preparing for the 2013 Gospel Readings

You are invited to a special fall session hosted by the OLG Scripture Study group – Take up and Read.
To prepare for the 2013 Gospel readings (during Ordinary Time), we will reflect on the Gospel according to Luke.

We will cover Luke in three parts:
Part 1 – The historical context and overview
Part 2 – Nativity and Passion narratives
Part 3 – Luke 10.

Wednesday     Time                              Topic                   Place
October 17         6:45 PM-8:30 PM         Luke (Part 1)       OLG School Room 7
November 14    6:45 PM-8:30 PM         Luke (Part 2)       Rm. 7
December 5      6:45 PM-8:30 PM         Luke (Part 3)       Rm. 7

We hope you will join us for fellowship and faith sharing. Refreshments will be served from 6:45 to 7:00.
If you have any questions, please email Carlos Diaz at [email protected]