Celebrations at Our Lady of Guadalupe

We would like to formally welcome and introduce our new parishioners who have recently become members of our Church.

Welcome to OLG: Mr. & Mrs. Silvio Aburto, Geffrey Bayot, Paela Corante & James Hanson, Julie Hardin, Mr. & Mrs Michael Kraft, Mr. & Mrs. Jorge Martin, Lis McHenry, Mr. & Mrs. Edin Pinto, Valerie Porandon, Mr. & Mrs. Richard Reynaga, Mr. & Mrs. Ian Saron, Mr. & Mrs. David Schwartz, Mr. & Mrs. Perrapol Soree, Arturo Tamashiro, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Thomas, & Mr. & Mrs. Lewis Walker

In the same way we would also like to welcome the children and their families who were recently baptized in our church. Congratulations to: Maxwell Waldie, Liz Cruz, Angela Lomeli, Cynthia & Camila Cazares, Isabella Santiago, Angel Cruz, Selah Muselli, Andrew Leon, Roberto Ceniceros-Gomez, Emma Melero, Jesse Franco, Gustavo Perez, Jayla Thomas, Bryce Bernal, Mateo Tamashiro, & Caylum Magee