A Few Thoughts from Fr. Ray

On Oct. 4th, we celebrate the Feast of St. Francis. Our Lady of Guadalupe has been entrusted to the Conventual Franciscans, we are a Franciscan Church. Please pray for our Order and especially for the members of our local Conventual Franciscan Province of St. Joseph of Cupertino. I suggest that you reflect upon the prayer of St. Francis. Living that prayer will bring you closer to Christ.

Several of you have asked – “How can I help.” On December 12th, when we celebrate the Feast of OLG, I’d like to incorporate into our Feast a list of names of people who made special gifts for our restoration project. When you make a special donation for this project, please place your name on any envelop and clearly mark that it is a gift for the restoration of our OLG painting. You can incorporate the names of people you would like remembered, In Memorial. Let your gift be not only for this project but also to further the work of our parish to honor the Mother of God and give her the honor that is do.

You will see when it happens but soon our image of Our Lady of Guadalupe will be leaving us to be restored. I’ve arranged for another image to be used while our original is gone.

I’m looking for a few people who in their charity, would like to help families provide a Catholic Education for their children. The full cost to educate one child in our OLG Catholic School is $5,000. As you know, this is a difficult job market. Some parents have lost jobs or are under employed. Several need some help. I have made a commitment to several families. Please contact me or clearly mark an envelope with any financial support if you can help.