A Few Thoughts from Fr. Ray

Thanks to one and all for your work and support of our Fiesta. I’m writing you on the Monday after the Fiesta. Thank You to the many, many people who made it possible. It was the work of many
hands. In fact this year, we had to close our volunteer sign up list. Volunteers from very part of our Parish came forward to help — that is what makes a successful Fiesta. Looking at the numbers present, the volunteers and the buying of tickets, I know that it is very safe to say, this was our most successful Fiesta in my time at the parish. Everyone and everything were in position for a great Fiesta. Thank You also to the leadership team of our Fiesta. You made this all possible. Just know in short – Our Fiesta was the most successful Fiesta ever!! We also reached ALL the goals that we were hoping for in our Fiesta. Thank you to one and all!!

Today at the 11:30 Mass we have the last group 1st Communion. This is another sacramental moment for these children, their families and their guests. Please pray for them. And then at 3:00 this Sunday, we will celebrate the Sacrament of Confirmation. Bishop Oscar Solis will be with us. We welcome him and we thank him for his ministry to us. We also pray for all those who are receiving
the Sacrament. We pray for them and for their families. With the Sacrament of Confirmation our young people are fully initiated into our Church. May they be faithful members. Our prayers are with you!