A Few Thoughts from Fr. Ray

Thank you for your support of Our Lady of Guadalupe during the Christmas Season and for your year-end gifts to the Parish. You were very generous. A few of you helped with the fumigation of our School and Hall. The Parking Lot is almost paid for. Thank you!! I’ll update you with figures when I have them.

I want to share with you some wonderful news. As you know, we as a Parish made a considerable investment into our Catholic School during the last several years. We reinvented our property so that we could open a Preschool. We made a considerable investment into technology for our classrooms. The leadership of our School was entrusted to Mrs. April Beuder, our Principal, and the leadership of our Preschool was entrusted to Dr. Marianne Mitchell, who also serves as our School Psychologist. Differentiated education has become part of the philosophy of our Catholic School. Wonderful things are happening at Our Lady of Guadalupe School.

Let me share with you what I see. Our School (K-8) has grown by 20%. We are still growing — new families are still enrolling. Our Preschool is fully enrolled – 30 students. This will also be a feeder to the Kindergarten of our School. I see dedicated Administrators and Teachers who are concerned about the education of our students. I see a Music Program that has transformed our School and School Liturgies. I see a new Ministry Leadership Program, in our upper grades, that is unique to our School. Every day on our school property, we have 60 more students than last year, which
translates to about 40 new families involved in our School. We need to thank Mrs. Beuder and Dr. Mitchell for this growth! Thank you also to our teachers and staff who make education happen.
If you are considering Kindergarten for next year – please plan to attend the upcoming meeting on Tuesday, January 22nd at 6:30PM in the Parish Hall. My guess is that we will be fully enrolled next year in our Kindergarten so your attendance is important. As to our Preschool for next year – please contact Dr. Mitchell for more information and future registration. My guess is that our Preschool will be fully enrolled. For all the other grades and possible enrollment, please contact Mrs. Beuder.