The goal of the Social Justice Ministry is to raise awareness, foster dialog for understanding, and work together to help make a difference. Let us know if you would like to be part of, or help with, our new social justice ministry.

Catholics Participate in Public Life

We are called to witness to Faithful Citizenship as we participate in the public square through political engagement and civil dialogue. Watch all five videos on Faithful Citizenship!

Our Mission is Bigger Than Politics
– Archbishop Jose H. Gomez (Angelus News)

As we are voting this year, we all recognize that there are some problems in our democracy. We see the obvious things ­— the polarization, the lack of charity and civility in how we talk about our differences; we see the struggles that our political leaders seem to have in working together and compromising for the common good. But the deeper questions about our democracy begin in the human heart: Who are we and why?

2020 Election Novena



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Born with ‘two strikes’: Long before George Floyd’s death, systemic racism stifled his life

George Floyd’s 46 years in America shows that it was shaped by the very forces people are protesting after his death — entrenched poverty, systemic racism, a broken criminal justice system and police violence.

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