Comfort, give comfort to my people, says your God.  Isaiah 40:1

What we do

The goal of the Social Justice Ministry is to raise awareness, foster dialog for understanding, and work together to help make a difference.

If you would like to be part of or help with, our social justice ministry, click here to send us your information and we will contact you.

Father, you have given all peoples one common origin.
It is your will that they be gathered together
as one family in yourself.
Fill the hearts of mankind with the fire of your love
and with the desire to ensure justice for all.
By sharing the good things you give us,
may we secure an equality for all
our brothers and sisters throughout the world.
May there be an end to division, strife and war.
May there be a dawning of a truly human society
built on love and peace.
We ask this in the name of Jesus, our Lord.

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Our Social Justice Ministry is coordinating a community service event on Sat, 9/18 from 10AM-12PM at the House of Yahweh located in Lawndale. This organization helps families in need and the homeless.
One of their current needs for volunteers is in the garden shop. Garden shop duties include sweeping, watering the plants, pruning the flowers, throwing out the flowers that need to be thrown away, and process the flowers that come in on that day. On Saturday 9/18, volunteers can park in their parking lot. Bring gardening gloves, hat, trimming sheers. Two garden planters need trimming. If interested in volunteering, please contact Jan Vega at [email protected]


“Truly I tell you, whatever you did not do for one of the least of these, you did not do for me.” (Matthew 25:45 )

Jesus teaches us to help those in need. If you are looking to help aid those impacted by war and natural disasters, here are some opportunities offered by our Social Justice Committee.

Hurricane Ida relief

Haiti earthquake relief:

Afghanistan refugees and relief effort:

Q: Is the Covid-19 vaccine safe? I don’t want to take it until I know the results from other people
A: Yes, the 3 US-approved vaccines (Moderna, Pfizer, and Johnson & Johnson) are deemed safe. In the US, more than 80 million vaccine doses have been administered. A small fraction of people experience non-severe side effects from the vaccine. This comes after testing on volunteers prior to approval by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).


Q: Are the 3 vaccines effective? Will they protect me?
A: If a fully vaccinated person gets the disease, they do not experience a severe form. A total of 0 hospitalizations and 0 deaths have been recorded among those fully vaccinated by Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, and Moderna.
Also, the vaccine makes you less likely to transmit the disease to others, some of whom are unable to receive their own vaccine due to existing health conditions.


Q: Did the Church say not to take the Johnson & Johnson vaccine?
A: No, Church teaching says “it is morally acceptable to receive Covid-19 vaccines” including Johnson & Johnson.
The US Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) has encouraged people, only if they have a choice, to prefer Moderna or Pfizer because J&J’s research drew on fetal stem cells. The California Catholic Conference says we have an obligation to protect ourselves, our families, our friends and community by vaccinating as soon as feasible.


Q: How do I get a vaccine?
A: There is a state-wide website and people may also contact a medical provider. Eligibility criteria are expanding from the most vulnerable to the lesser vulnerable, according to Government guidelines.


Q: Does OLG offer resources to help, particularly for those who need assistance setting up an appointment online?
A: For those seeking assistance with vaccine appointments, please Jan Vega at [email protected]. Or call the Church Office at 310-372-7077.


For more information on Ethical Questions about COVID-19 Vaccines, please visit

Catholic Relief Services

Our faith calls us to believe. To serve. To lead. At this pivotal time when COVID-19 is impacting health, societies, and economies around the globe, we can come together as missionary disciples to make a difference.

Catholic Relief Services (CRS) is currently looking for individuals and communities in the Greater L.A. area who have a heart and interest in working on behalf of the poor around the world and who might be interested in learning about this new but quickly growing national CRS Network.


Over the last year, Catholic Relief Services has been working on an exciting effort to invite more Catholics than ever before to play a leading role in the global movement to accelerate the end of poverty, hunger, and violent conflict around the world. A central part of this work is to inspire small but powerful groups of thoughtful committed citizens to build a national network of faith-based changemakers and people of good will who will work together to address the root causes of some the most pressing issues affecting powerless communities around the world. In the last year alone, CRS has been successful in establishing over 80 grassroots communities around the country. These virtual and place-based communities of parishioners, students, and faith-leaders have been working together to find allies in congress and in the media who are working with CRS to pass lifesaving legislation that will provide comprehensive care for the world’s most vulnerable children. Surprisingly, a lot of this work has been able to happen even in spite of the challenges with COVID. 

If you’d like to read more more about the work of CRS, here is one pager that explains the CRS Chapters initiative. This monthly action sheet will give you a sense of the coordinated work that these chapters are doing to harness the collective impact of the Catholic faith community to advance CRS’ current focus issue. Finally, here is an inspiring video that shows the impact people of faith can make for the social and global mission of the church.

Additional Resources and Opportunities