Las Posadas

Mexican sweet breadWhat is “Posadas”? Posadas are an example of Hispanic prayer dramatically enacted. Posadas usually take place during the nine evenings before Christmas. The prayers of the people are intercessory, expressing solidarity with a man and a woman, pilgrims seeking shelter from strangers, as well as comfort and compassion from their neighbors. This drama forms part of the Advent novena. It highlights the mystery of God’s presence in ordinary human interactions, reminding us that the One who was not recognized by his neighbors has become the cornerstone for a new community of believers.

Come and join the community of OLG in a POSADA!!! Saturday, December 15, 2012, 6PM (In the Church, after the 5PM mass) Followed by a small reception in the hall; Mexican sweet bread and hot cocoa will be served and each child will receive a special treat!

For more information please call Livier at the Parish office ext. 223