OLG Preschool Update

We hatched!We Hatched! We Opened on August 21 after 8 months, 12 sets of fingerprints, 125 pages of documentation for our license, and…..ALL OF YOUR PRAYERS AND DONATIONS! Thank you again for all that you have done; from egg cartons to trikes. Each one of these gifts are cherished and reflect the kind, generous nature of this Parish. Please continue to remember us as we tend the souls, hearts, and minds of the young children entrusted to us. And, please continue any donations you might feel inclined to make. Even in this economy, companies continue to match employee donations.

We also need items such as:

  • Egg cartons (cleaned please )
  • 1 inch paint brushes
  • Hula hoops, jump ropes, mini cones
  • Gently used Halloween costumes (sizes 4-8) no Monsters please


Also, if anyone has a portable stereo (aka Boom box); ours somehow grew legs and walked away.

Thank you Again! The children and staff will continue to pray for you all.

Dr. Marianne Mitchell
Preschool Director