An Excerpt From This Week’s Mailing from Fr. Ray

I have some bad financial news that we have no choice about. Our parking lot behind the School and Church is in terrible repair. There are safety issues and concerns involved. Please notice the condition but please don’t fall. We have to do something. In dealing with a parking lot, we have three options.

1) Doing a slurry coat and restripe it, which has been done in the past. It makes the parking lot look nice for about a year. It does not fill any cracks or resolve any real issues. Our parking lot is behind this option.

2) We could put in a new parking lot, even it out and deal with the retaining wall and drainage issues. I’m not certain what this would cost but I’m certain we have moved to the $500,000 to $1,000,000 range.

3) Thank God there is another option that buys time with our present parking lot. This involves grinding down the present surface of the lot 2 inches and then repaving it. This is considered normal maintenance by the city which makes this an easy option. This will cost about $60,000. This is not a solution but a major bandage that buys the parish at least 10 or more years of use of the present parking lot.

After consulting with the Parish Council and the Finance Council and with the advice and help of Rick Lopez, our project manager, I have decided to move ahead with the third option. We had several companies bid on the project and the Archdiocesan contract with the company has been signed. The project has been scheduled for the last week in June – when school is over and before the beginning of summer school.

In addition to the parking lot, you will notice the fence being worked on. This also has not been addressed in years. I was reminded by the City of Hermosa Beach of the requirement of our Conditional Use Permit (CUP) to care for the fence. This is normal maintenance that needs to be addressed. We have to address these two maintenance issues. To do this, we will be taking from our three month reserve that each parish of the Archdiocese is asked to have on hand. My hope is that during the next fiscal year, which begins July 1, we can recoup these necessary funds.

You can help at any time– please just mark an envelope “Parking Lot Fund.” Thank you for your continued love and support of OLG.

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