Here’s what we’d like you to do before the May 12 class

1)  Be ready to share a little bit from your Mass Journal

Last time, Jon asked you to start a Mass Journal:
Please find a notepad, booklet, blank pages stapled together … to use as your Mass Journal.
Even though we cannot go physically to the church, we want you to participate in Mass online. Livestreaming is best, but watching a recording of the current Sunday’s Mass is OK. Watch OLG Masses live or recorded here:

In your journal, write down one or two things that caught your attention about the readings or what the priest said in his homily after the readings.
At the next online session, we will ask 3 people to share what they journaled from the Sunday 5/2 Mass and 3 people share from the Sunday 5/9 Mass

2) Reading for this week’s topic
Read this article

Jon would like you to write your reflections on what you got out of this article (about a half a page)
= What stuck out the most?
= What you agree and disagree with?
= What do you not understand?
Be prepared to share with the group your thoughts…

See you at 4pm on May 12!