We started off the May 13 session with this question: What are the the Coronavirus 10 Commandments?

What rules are we supposed to follow to stop the spread of coronavirus?
Some of your responses were:

good hygiene
don’t panic
stay home
wear a mask
wash hands
stay 6 feet away
don’t touch your face
cleanliness is Godliness

These are NOT just some rules to keep you from having fun. They are meant to keep you safe and healthy, and to keep your family and community safe and healthy.

The Ten Commandments are sort of like that. God wants the best for us, and we can do our part by knowing the Ten Commandments and living by them.

Here’s an overview of the Ten Commandments. Pretend you’re in college, and watch this video by Bishop Barron – he explains things like a professor!
Fr. Mike Schmitz talks a little bit more about the Second Commandment. Have a look …

For your reference, here are the Ten Commandments. Sometimes you see them worded differently.

1 Thou shalt not Have other gods before me
2 Thou shalt not Take the Lord’s name in vain
3 Thou shall keep The Sabbath day holy
4 Thou shalt not Dishonor thy father and mother
5 Thou shalt not Kill

6 Thou shalt not Commit adultery
7 Thou shalt not Steal
8 Thou shalt not Bear false witness
9 Thou shalt not Covet thy neighbor’s wife
10 Thou shalt not Covet thy neighbor’s material goods

We got through a discussion of commandments 1-4, and will continue with the rest next time 🙂

A re-imagined story of the Ten Commandments, because we need a laugh every now and again.

We meet next on May 27. Before then, please take a moment and submit your response to the question below:

And last, but not least, we end with a Dog-Cam, because old dogs bring smiles to our faces. And we need that, don’t you think?