We would like to formally welcome and introduce our new parishioners who have recently become members of our Church. Welcome to OLG:

Alison St. Pierre, Dennis Hall, Lettie Webster, Jamie Bruccoleri, Victoriea and Eric Frieler, Ines Miyagishima, Oscar and Alejandra Perez, Ciro and Astrid Tacinelli, Udeshmal Fernado and Jamie Cao.

In the same way we would also like to welcome the children and their families who were recently baptized in our church. Congratulations to:

Jonathan Felix, Cristian Ramirea, Melanie Paredes-Ramirez, Chase VanWaardenburg, Caitlyn Beffa, Aria Painter, Luis Padilla, Valeria Mendez, Mia Mendez Christian Salazar, Juliana Evans, Dean Capozzola, Rafael Quiroz, Christian Criona, Julie , Adam and Joshua St. Pierre, Arianna Carranza, Heidi McArdle, Layla and Chloe Hurtado

If you have been attending OLG casually, why not become a Parishioner? Information on “signing up” can be found here.