Our Parish Evangelization effort offers the Pathway to Discipleship regularly for anyone to grow deeper in their relationship with Jesus Christ.  The Pathway to Discipleship consists of three steps; Discover Christ, Follow Christ, and Share Christ.  Each time we offer a step on the pathway, we choose an experience to offer that fits that stage of a journey to discipleship.  But what if you as an individual want to move closer to Christ, or you or a group wishes to go deeper after the Pathway to Discipleship, or if you have or want to form a group who wishes to travel on your own? This page is meant as a resource to help that journey.

Discover Christ Resources

This stage of the journey is meant to explore what we refer to as “The big questions of life”, such as if there is a God, is Jesus God, and if so what difference can that make in our lives. It is meant to invite someone to commit their life to Christ as our Lord and Savior in response to the miracle that Jesus promises in John 14:21 of an encounter with the Risen Lord so as to know the Love of God in a life changing way.  The following suggestions are programs and books that might help someone on this stage of the journey.

  1. Alpha is one of the most popular programs for this stage of the journey. It is offered throughout the world, and has been bearing much fruit in making disciples for over 40 years. It is a series of free videos with downloadable discussion guides (although the discussion guides are not even necessary as the videos themselves ask the questions to help views start a discussion). There is also online training for group leaders who wish to offer Alpha to a group of friends, family, classmates or co-workers, in your home of coffee shop! Here is a link to Alpha.
  2. The Search: Finding the Meaning of Life. This is a video based series available through out parish subscription to Formed.org, or a book “The Search” by Paul McCusker and Chris Stefanick.  To access the video series, you need to first make an account for free from our formed.org page on this website. After that this is a link to the videos.
  3. Rescued: The Unexpected and Extraordinary News of the Gospel, by Fr. John Riccardo, is a book for you or your group. It is also offered as a video series for free. Here is the link to The Rescue Project.
  4. Also here is the Christlife website where we got our Discover Christ series that we have run during the first pathway (and planning to run on the second pathway).  They have resources for purchase from the video series, to simply books; Discover, Follow, and Share Christ.