If you want to recommend a retreat theme song for the 2020 Year 2 Retreat …

Song selection takes place at the Team Retreat on February 1

You can nominate only 1 song … choose wisely!

To nominate a song, send the title, artist, and a link to a video to Daniela at 310-344-2615. The nomination deadline is Wednesday, January 29.

If you submit a song, be prepared to introduce the song and tell why it would make a good retreat theme song. The voting will take place at the Feb 1 Team Retreat.

The song guidelines are:

* The song should help us reflect on our faith journey & our relationship with Jesus. For example, if it’s about relationships, are the themes broader than bf/gf relationships?
* The song should have a clear, positive message
* The song should lend itself to a good retreat them. Past themes were “Hanging by a Moment,” “On Fire,” “Learning to Breathe,” “Life Begins”
* The candidates should be able to understand the sung lyrics and relate to the song
* The song and artist should reflect Christian values and themes
* No bad versions of the song exist (no explicit lyrics or inappropriate videos)
* The 6:30 Mass choir should be able to perform it