Bobbi-Lynn Lambert
Director of Music
(310) 372-7077 ext. 223
[email protected]

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OLG Music Ministry

Music ministry is an integral part of the liturgy and being a music minister is answering the call to serve the parish community by preparing an atmosphere of faith and prayer through music.  Each of us are called to full, active, and conscious participation of the liturgy.  Participation as a music minister is a commitment to be fully prepared to celebrate the music, with the liturgy as the focus, and encouraging the entire community to join in praise.

Bobbi-Lynn  (Contemplative) Saturdays 5:00pm
Bobbi-Lynn Lambert (Music Director)

OLGozo Spanish Language Choir  Sundays 8:00am
Angélica Magaña (Leader)
Rehearsals are on Summer Break. They will resume Sept 24

OLGrace Praise and Worship Band  Sundays 9:45am
Ages 18+
Bobbi-Lynn Lambert (Music Director)
Rehearsals are on Summer Break. They will resume Sept 18

Bobbi-Lynn with Band   Sundays 11:30am
Bobbi-Lynn Lambert (Music Director)

OLG WoW (“Wall of Worship”)  Sundays 6:30pm
Jr High, High School, College students & Young Adults up to age 26
Bobbi-Lynn Lambert (Music Director)
Rehearsals are on Summer Break.They will resume Sept 18


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