Listen to our First “How to Pray Workshop!”

This first workshop goes over why we pray, and a way to do it by meditating on the Gospels.  You are invited to join us on the first Monday of every month, at 7PM in the church for our Prayer workshop for first time comers, or on the 3rd Monday of every month, also in the church at 7PM, for our ongoing workshop on prayer.  The first Monday of Every Month is a basic instructional lecture. The third Mondays those who attend will have a chance to talk about how their prayer went over the last month.  This reporting back will help others learn. Also if you’ve run into difficulties praying over the last month, maybe I or someone in the group may be able to mention some insights to help.  Each month Fr. Paul will additionally try to share a few more teachings on why we pray, and how to pray.   These workshops are intended for anyone to attend, and also are being designed so that you can come regularly, or just whenever you have time!

Second Workshop on Prayer:

In this workshop, you’ll find a short summary of workshop one, followed by some teaching on prayer by St. Teresa of Avila.  Also here is a download link to the prayer workshop handout that has been referenced. 

Ways To Pray
Ways To Pray
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Third Workshop on Prayer:

In the last workshop we talked about a metaphor for prayer by St. Teresa of Avila. In this workshop we talk about a metaphor for prayer from St. John of the Cross. We started these series of workshops introducing a way of praying by meditating on the Gospels. Now we are talking about quiet prayer. I call contemplation. Where we do not think about God, but allow God to dwell and love in our hearts. His presence transforms our hearts, to be more like His heart.

Fourth Workshop on Prayer:

This is a brief explanation of the examination of conscience, both a general and specific, and penance,  as part of a regular prayer life.

One Day Prayer Workshop – Reader Digest Version:

This workshop is a 1 hour presentation that is intended to bring a new comer to the regular monthly workshops up to speed.  It is an overview of all the previous workshops rolled into one. It would be best to listen to all the other workshops, but if you cannot, listen to this one.