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Housing Locations: On-campus housing will be dormitory style. Participants will be housed 2 to a room. Participants will NOT share a bed, but will share common areas, such as restrooms, with same sex participants. Only registered participants may stay in our housing facilities, attend sessions, and receive meals.

Packing Suggestions: All accommodations feature an XL twin bed. All bedding, pillows, and towels are provided. The weather will be warm – appropriate, casual, modest, summer clothing may be worn during the conference. At no times should clothing advertise drugs or alcohol, or any other inappropriate content. Sturdy walking shoes should be worn at all times. Please remember to bring personal hygiene products and toiletries. There WILL be water stations located around campus.

Please review the following housing policies with your participants prior to check-in:

  • Furniture is not to be moved. All furniture is to stay inside the room, and kept out of pathways and hallways. Beds are to remain in their original places.
  • Housing buildings are gender specific. Participants (youth and adults) are NOT allowed on dorm floors of the opposite gender at any time.
  • Participants are to abide by curfew times. Participants will not be permitted to leave the dorms after lights out.
  • Noise levels should be kept to a minimum. Overall, the dorms are a quite space. There should be no audible noise coming from the rooms.
  • Rooms are to be kept clean. Passage ways are to remain accessible and free from luggage or debris.
  • Televisions and phones are NOT to be used or disconnected. Any calls made WILL result in charges, paid at the participant’s expense.
  • Participants are asked to respect the facility. Defacing property in any way will result in dismissal from the conference and could be considered a criminal offense.


Meals: Each participant will receive 6 meals (Friday dinner, Saturday breakfast/lunch/dinner and Sunday breakfast/lunch). There is no lunch provided on Friday (check in day). There are 3 dining halls. Your group will be assigned to one of the three dining halls. Times and locations of meals will be given to group leaders upon check in. If meal cards are used outside of designated scheduled meal times, the parish will be billed $12-$16 per use.

Dietary Restrictions: Food is served buffet style, with a variety of food stations set up around the dining hall. The dining hall DOES offer options for those with food allergies and sensitivities. Those with sensitivities to milk, eggs, wheat, soy, shellfish, peanuts, tree nuts, gluten, and dairy will have options. The dining hall will also accommodate those who are diabetic, vegetarian, vegan, or in need of low sodium. Should sensitivities exceed this, please contact the Office of Youth Ministry at the Archdiocese of Los Angeles 3 weeks prior to the event.