Talk:  Who Am I?

The purpose of this talk is to share yourself in such a way as to have the students relate to you.  This talk is the ice-breaker, to welcome the students and help them to feel like they belong.  You may share how you felt when you first arrived on your retreat, if you felt ambivalent, not sure of what was going to happen, maybe you didn’t know many other people…

Introduce yourself and your props (no more than 3):


The Talk:
Use these questions as prompts for brainstorming and writing your talk. Refer to the purpose of the talk above as well.

Who are you?  How do you define yourself?


What has happened in your life that makes you who you are today?


Why did God make you?  Why are you here on this earth?


What special personal gift do you share with others?






This should connect to your topic and who you are.  It may be mainstream or Christian music, with no bad words or themes.  The song sheets are something the candidates take home to remember you and your song.  They must be typed on colored, white, or designed paper.  Be creative.  Let us know if you need help with copies.



This is your labor of LOVE.  It should relate to your talk and theme.  Plan to bring your supplies to our peer leader retreat and others can help make your gifts during our down time.  Do not spend more than $10.  If you need $$ or supplies, please let us know.  Be creative!  Sample ideas:

  • Prayer scroll with ribbon
  • Handmade cross
  • Ornament
  • Decade of the rosary with string and beads
  • Key chain