Our Lady of Guadalupe is a Catholic Christian community dedicated to living and proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus. We, as a family of diverse ethnic heritage, are committed to calling forth the gifts of all members in the service of God’s Kingdom. We are proud of our more than 60 years in the Franciscan Spirit.


Parish Vision Statement

Our Lady of Guadalupe… Building a Welcoming Community in Christ through Faith, Love & Service


Our Objectives:

  • – Follow the guidance of the Holy Spirit and The Word
  • – Provide opportunities to encounter the Living Christ
  • – Become Disciples of Jesus and invite others to discipleship through prayer, study of scripture, celebration of sacrament, teachings, and mutual support within faith communities
  • – Make His Kingdom known beyond our walls, especially by prayer, witness, charity and justice work


Our Three Year Pastoral Plan: 

The reason for and the approach of our Pastoral Plan for the parish is explained in this video. Our approach is a two step process; first to make disciples*, then empower those disciples to develop and use their gifts for the growth of the Kingdom of God both within the Church, and in the world.  (*What is a disciple? explained in the video.)


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