Encountering Christ In A Life-Changing Way

Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church invites high school teens in grades 9th to 12th to grow in faith through our small discipleship groups. 

The Teen Discipleship Program is designed to help all youth, wherever they are in their faith journey, to search, find, and grow in a life-giving relationship with Jesus Christ, that will sustain them now and into the future. The program also seeks to develop a faith community of high school peers that support one another on this journey. 

Weekly small groups of 6-8 youth, (led by 1 to 2 adult leaders), allow the youth to explore the Catholic Faith through faith sharing, prayer, catechesis, retreats, and service in the church and community.  Additionally, teens are provided the opportunity to attend larger events, typically a monthly service, prayer, or fellowship event, to allow for a greater community to be built amongst our High School teens.

The program is offered through the four years of high school, allowing teens to participate throughout their entire high school experience. 

Year 1 (open to teens in grades 9th – 11th): 

Allows the youth to join a small group of teens to explore and engage in meaningful conversations about the faith, focusing on the foundations of discipleship and include topics such as: “Does God exist?” “Is Jesus God?” “What difference can that make in my life?” “What is a disciple and how do I become one.” Teens attend a weekly faith-sharing session, a one-day Fall retreat, and receive an introduction to discipleship, prayer, and community service.  (Year 1 also serves as the 1-year prerequisite for confirmation preparation.) 

Year 1 Parents are encouraged to participate in:

      • Weekly Mass, with their teen disciple,
      • A mini-series exploring the reasons for faith in our world today (7-sessions),
      • A one-day retreat for adults,
      • Volunteering at 2 teen faith sessions to help with meals, set up/clean up, or in other ways.

Year 2 (open to teens in grades 10th – 12th):

Teens continue to meet in small groups, (with options for larger gatherings), and continue weekly faith sharing and prayer, along with catechesis covering an overview of the Catholic Christian Faith. This year will include a weekend retreat in the Spring, and continued opportunities for service.  This also serves as the 2nd year of those seeking confirmation. (Requirements for those who are seeking to be Confirmed: complete the 1-year faith formation prerequisite, attend Sunday Mass weekly, and participate in 4 of the 9 monthly large group faith events.)

Year 2 Parents for Confirmation Candidates are strongly encouraged to:

      • Join your teen in weekly Mass attendance,
      • Join the parent leadership group and help facilitate the mini-series and retreat for other parents (for Parents who have already completed the mini-series and retreat).


Year 2 Parents for Confirmation are required to:

      • Participate in the mini-series exploring the reasons for faith in our world today (unless already completed previously),
      • Attend a one-day retreat (unless already completed previously),
      • Volunteer at 2 teen faith sessions to help with meals, set up/clean up, or other ways.

Years 3 and 4 (open to all teens in grades 11th -12th, confirmed or not):

Teens continue to grow in discipleship through fellowship and support in their small groups by practicing prayer and faith sharing while focusing on service both in and beyond our church, by learning Catholic Social Teaching and additional topics of interest.  Teens in years 3 and 4 will choose, plan, and lead service projects for all High School Teens, including the monthly events for the other youth.

Year 3 & 4 Parents are invited to join:

      • The parent leadership group to support the teen leaders in planning and leading activities, and/or leading parent mini-series, and support the Teen Discipleship program in other ways,
      • Your teen in weekly Mass,
      • A ministry within the parish community to help lead and/or be a participant (liturgy, youth ministry, or community service).

High School Peer Leader Program

The ministry formerly called “Peer Leaders” we now call it a Peer Leader/Discipleship Ministry, and it is still open for registration for youth in 11th and 12th grade, confirmed or not.

It is our goal to always have youth join our youth ministry at any time of the year, but since we use small groups we must wait till we have enough to form a small group of 6-8 youth. So, let us know and we’ll put you on the waitlist please complete this form.

If you have questions or need additional information, please call the parish office at 310-372-7077. May God bless you.