Hey peer leaders.

Think back to your retreat. Did you relate to any of the talks? Did one of the peer leaders say something that touched you or opened your eyes?

Well, the candidates on this year’s retreat need that same experience. The only way we can provide that is if you share some part of YOUR faith journey with the group. Any of the joys, sorrows, challenges, successes, frustrations, happiness that you have experienced – they too have experienced those! There does not have to be drama or tragedy in your life in order to have a great story of how God has been in your life.

I know you have BIG doubts about giving a talk – you may not feel like you’re ready, or that you don’t know what your story would be, or if the candidates could relate positively to what you say, or maybe you already gave a talk, or maybe you get a little nervous in front of people.

The job of the adult team is to help you recognize how your own experiences – however large or small – are part of your faith journey, and to help you put that into words.

We are SERIOUSLY in need of peer leaders to give a talk. I hope that you will consider giving a talk. Please help this year’s candidates recognize God’s movement in your life and in their own lives!

Pray on it, and text me at 310-406-4999 by this Friday with your name if you would be open to giving a talk.

Peace in Christ, TOM