Greetings OLG Confirmation Families!

Our attendance records show that your teen missed the annual “Safeguard the Children” training session held on October 7, 2012, 7:30-9:15pm in the parish hall.

This is an annual training required by the Archdiocese, and is an important part of our church’s efforts to keep our young people safe from predators.

We ask that you download the session plan (located here) put together by our instructors, Maureen O’Neill, MD, and Mary Causley. Please use this as a guide for talking about the material with your teen.

The session plan contains links to some youtube videos produced by “Enough is Enough,” a non-profit committee to making the Internet safer for children and families.  We also use a clip from the movie “Juno” so if you have access to the movie, please refer to the scene indicated.

Thank you for your help!