On Saturday, 10 May, the U.S. Postal Service and its letter carriers sponsored the largest one-day food drive in the country. Our parish’s Hand and Hand Food Drive received some of the generous offerings that people left for their mail carriers to pick up. We received a total of 1,200 pounds of food to distribute to fellow parishioners in need. Thanks to the many volunteers who worked on the Post Office Food Drive:

Aimee Garcia
Amaris Garcia
Alfonso Lopez
Leticia Lopez
Pablo Lopez
Eileen O’Brien
Dr. Maureen O’Neill
Carla Rodriguez
Daniel Rodriguez
Jonah Rodriguez
Zach Rodriguez
Bob Stiles

Remember, our parish Food Drive is held on the third Sunday of every month. For any questions about the work of the Food Drive, please call Eileen O’Brien at (310) 316-0543. If you would like to inquire about receiving food, please call Livier Delgado at the Parish Office.