In May 2013, Our Lady of Guadalupe church was a recipient of food from the annual nationwide Post Office Food Drive. We received 3,600 pounds of food which will help the 32 parishioners in need. Below are the photos of the Food Drive ministry sorting the food for distribution to our parishioners who benefit from the monthly food drive.


Want to know more about the Food Drive? Here’s some information by the coordinator, Eileen O’Brien:

We have had a Parish Food Drive for almost 25 years. It benefits registered parish families in need, focusing mostly on senior citizens, children, and the disabled, although recently we have mostly been helping families hurt by unemployment. We periodically evaluate the families, and our resources, to see if we can continue to support them. (We do not want people staying on for decades and going on for generations.)

The Parish Food Drive is the third Sunday of every month. For the November (Thanksgiving) and December (Christmas) Food Drives, we also get sponsors for the families.

We currently have 13 families, which comprise 32 parishioners. We estimate that the food we received from the Post Office Food Drive will be distributed for the next four months’ Food Drives (May through August).

We invite anyone who wants to serve to come to the Parish Hall on the third Sunday of any month between 8:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. We sort and bag the food, and then distribute it among the families. Families come to pick up at a designated time, and then we deliver to the homebound recipients. We also provide service hours for school, confirmation, scouting, parent hours, etc.

Anyone wanting more information is welcome to call me at 310-316-0543.

You can also read up on the Ministry here.