The topic of the Tony’s session on June 4 was Catholic Social Teaching – the principles and what they mean and how they apply to today’s world.

Here’s some information on what the seven themes of Catholic Social Teaching are.

Highlights of the Seven Themes of Catholic Social Teaching

The Seven Principles of Catholic Social Teaching - briefly

The US Bishops website also has a ton of good stuff on Catholic Social Teaching: here

A Brief History of Catholic Social Justice

Critical world problems - according to Millenials

This is a summary of the 10 world problems that millenials are most concerned with. See the full article here.

Catholic Social Teaching guides us in all of these issues as to how to apply our faith in thinking and acting on these problems.

Tony asked you all which of these teachings mattered most to you in light of all the current events – protests, violence, pandemic … Here were your responses:

Rights and Resoponsibilities
Care for Creation
Life and Dignity of the Human Person

The group was pretty passionate about standing against injustices in the world and working for change. Tony shared a little bit about injustices in the 1970s with agricultural workers in California. The United Farm Workers was organized to address the problems in the fields. We normally think of Cesar Chavez with the UFW. Tony pointed out another UFW leader, more behind the scenes, who worked to improve working conditions too – Larry Itliong, something of an unsung hero in the UFW movement.


To wrap up the session, Tony asked everyone to go find an object in their room or in their house that reminded them of the Confirmation Year 2 Retreat. Y’all brought back some interesting objects and had some nice things to share with the group.

retreat shirt
letters from the retreat
flower pot
hiking boot

retreat mail bag
lyric sheets
“Don’t give up on me” by Andy Grammer
St Benedict cross
bluetooth speaker
Backsigning board

Final Thoughts …

We have one more schedule Confirmation session – 4-5pm June 18. Fill out your thoughts below, and see you next time.