The Beatitudes

Opening Prayer

“Down to the River to Pray”

Introduction to the Beatitudes

Just as god gave us the Ten Commandments through Moses, to give us some rules for how to have a happy life, he also gave us the Beatitudes through Jesus to further help us to see how we can have a happy life no matter what our current circumstance.

The Beatitudes encourage us to see happiness differently than the world might see it.

The Beatitudes can be found in two places in the new testament.

There is one in Matthews’s gospel and one in Luke’s gospel. There are some interesting differences between them.

Beatitudes Comparison - Luke & Matthew

Our first video today will show us a young teen who has an interesting visitor show him how to see the beatitudes in action in his daily life. It is about 4 minutes long.

Think about some examples of these first two beatitudes in your daily life. Be prepared to share them after this 4 minute clip.

Next, we have a slightly longer video (8 minutes). As the words appear on your screen, make a few notes about how you see these beatitudes in your daily life.

Be prepared to share your thoughts on each Beatitude.

Sometimes different translations of scripture passages can help us understand the Word in ways we can relate to more easily.

The interpretation of the Beatitudes from “The Message” puts them in more contemporary words. Check it out here

It’s worth a read.

How do you see the Beatitudes any differently after reading them from “The Message”?

Closing prayer – watch the video:


aka Preparation for next time

For the next class (June 8) there is a short article for you to read and a 7 minute video for you to watch that we will discuss on our class on the Ten Commandments .

The article is called on the Life Teen website “Thou Shalt NOT Have Fun” by Mark Hart

And the video is Fr. Mike Schmitz talking about one particular commandment about taking the lord’s name in vain.

We will be asking you to share a sentence or two about each of them to hear what you thought about each of these.

So please take a few notes and come prepared to share them at our next class on Monday, June 8.  See you then!

Take a moment to tell us what you learned at this session!