Please remember to keep a Mass Journal
As an ongoing activity, Jon is asking each of  you to keep a Mass Journal. Here’s his request:

  • Please find a notepad, booklet, blank pages stapled together … to use as your Mass Journal.
  • Even though we cannot go physically to the church, we want you to participate in Mass online. Livestreaming is best, but watching a recording of the current Sunday’s Mass is OK. Watch OLG Masses live or recorded here:
  • In your journal, write down one or two things that caught your attention about the readings or what the priest said in his homily after the readings. What stuck in your head?
Each session, we will ask a few people to share what they journaled for each Sunday’s Mass
Jon led a discussion of the readings from the past weeks’ Masses. He asked  people to share a little from what they wrote in their Mass Journal (don’t forget to keep the Mass Journal)
Then Jon jumped in to a discussion of the homework for this session. He asked everyone to read this article  and then write about a half of a page on your reflections on what you got out of this article. For example: What stuck out the most to you? What do you agree and disagree with? What do you not understand?
A couple from the class did the assignment and there was some nice sharing. Thanks!

For Next Time (June 9)

I) Be ready to share from your Mass Journal about the readings from Pentecost Sunday.

If you need some reminders and inspiration, here’s the readings

And here’s an awesome reflection that ties it all in to Black Lives Matter, the protests, etc   If you are short on time, skip to 1:45 in the video and then it’s just a 13 minute watch – well worth it.

II) Watch Bishop Barron’s video on the Ten Commandments.

Then, pick one of the commandments and

a) Share how you struggle with following it (as much as you are comfortable sharing)
b) Write a deep reflection on how well you live that commandment out

Optional for Next Time

Watch one of the these videos:

The “Pivotal Player” video on Catherine of Siena (~50 min)  at
One of Fr Jim Martin’s videos on one of the saints & other holy people (Dorothy Day, Thomas Merton, Joan of Arc, Francis of Assisi, Mother Teresa, Ignatius Loyola, Bernadette Soubirous, Pope John XXIII, Therese of Liseux, Joseph, Peter, and Mary, Mother of Jesus) Each is about 9 minutes.

REFLECTION After watching one of the videos, write a reflection on how you can be more saintly, or what connects you to that saint or holy person?

Be ready to share with the class 🙂

Take a moment to tell us what you learned at this session!