You need to complete a service encounter form to get credit for a service project. Download the form here

The description of your volunteer service (TOP BOX ON THE FORM) should provide a clear picture of what you did and why it mattered enough to give your time to this effort rather than any of the other things you could have been doing. Was your service an organized event? Where did it take place? Who or what benefited from your service? What difference did your volunteering make?

Thoughtfully reflect on YOUR FAITH EXPERIENCE in your volunteer service. Since you have already described what you did in your volunteer service, here you should focus on how you experienced or lived out your faith through your service. If your response doesn’t mention one of the persons of the Holy Trinity (God the Father, Jesus, Holy Spirit) or any of the other things in this part’s instructions, then what you’re describing probably is not a faith experience.

Be sure to provide a nugget of CHURCH WISDOM that relates to your service. There is 2000+ years of accumulated wisdom, and you have the advantage of accessing it through a mobile device!

Finally, your various service projects can involve similar volunteer activities on different occasions – doing the same thing on different dates. For example, you might have volunteered at 2 or 3 Hand ‘N’ Hand food drives throughout the year, or gone to some Heal the Bay “Nothin But Sand” beach cleanups. You can use each of these as a service project, but your Service Encounter forms for each of these should be different. No two human experiences are ever the same. So make sure that your responses in the Service Encounter form reflect this.