Confirmation Dress Guidelines

The following are guidelines to help you make your Confirmation a reverent and sacred moment in your life. You have been invited to a wonderful banquet, and you are the guest of honor! Your attire should reflect the importance of this sacramental milestone of your faith journey.

Please dress with Christian modesty. Although this your Confirmation is a festive occasion, it is not one to dress as though you are going out clubbing 🙂

Dress guidelines for young men:
Dress shirt and appropriate tie,
Good, solid colored slacks,
Good dress shoes
Jacket or blazer is optional, but encouraged

Dress guidelines for young women:
Dressy dress or pantsuit – not prom, formal, or semi-formal dance style
Dress length should be around the knees or longer. Miniskirts are not appropriate.
Please no strapless or spaghetti-strap dresses
Avoid see-through or sheer fabric
Please, no plunging necklines or open backs
Appropriate, nice shoes. Avoid platform heels that might make you unsteady, as you may be walking in front of the assembly during the ceremony.

Some of our young men and women have worn outfits that honor their ethnic heritage. For example, Filipino young men have worn a nice Barong Tagalog in place of a dress shirt and tie.  This is a wonderful way to celebrate the diversity of the Body of Christ!

Opportunity to Recognize the Connection between Baptism and Confirmation

When you were baptized, you wore a white gown or similar white outfit. Confirmation completes what was started for you in baptism. Any effort to include white somewhere in your Confirmation clothing is appropriate and encouraged, since it calls to mind the strong connection between these two sacraments.  If you choose to include white, don’t feel like your whole outfit needs to be white – a white blouse, or shirt, or skirt, or vest, or sweater, etc, is just fine. Wearing white is not required, though.