Congratulations on being selected to give a retreat talk. There are a few things that you will need to prepare

  1. The talk itself
  2. A song that will be played after your talk
  3. Three props you will use at the beginning of your talk
  4. A small gift for each person in the small groups


We have matched you with one of the adult team to mentor and guide you in this whole process. Don’t panic, the adult team is here to support you. You were chosen for a reason, and be confident in that. And ask the Holy Spirit for assistance!


Your Talk

The talks are carefully thought-out and planned around your topic.  Remember this is NOT about public speaking, it is about sharing your faith.  PRAY about it and let the Holy Spirit guide you.  TRY NOT to prepare this at the last minute–you have to give the Holy Spirit time to work.  Use the talk worksheet that we provide to you to guide you in developing your ideas for your talk.

Song and Song Sheet

Your choice of song should connect to your topic and who you are.  It may be main-stream or Christian music, with no bad words or themes.  The song sheets are something the candidates take home to remember you and your song.  They must be typed on colored, white, or designed paper (we can help…).  Be creative.  You will need 90 copies.  Let us know if you need help with copies.


Props that represent you!

Ideas: pictures, class/sport sweatshirt/team jersey, favorite CD, movie, sports equipment, musical instrument, decorated notebook or album, hat, etc.  These are items that represent YOU and will help the candidates connect with you.  If you are having difficulty, stand in the middle of your bedroom and see what you are all about!  (Avoid choosing precious fragile items that may break easily when packed.)



This is your labor of LOVE.  It should relate to your talk and theme.  Plan to bring your supplies to the preparation day on the Saturday before the retreat so that others can help make your gifts during our down time.  Do not spend more than $10; if you need $$ or supplies, please let us know.

Sample ideas:

  • Prayer scroll with ribbon
  • Cross made from popsicle sticks
  • Christmas or Easter ornament
  • Decade of the rosary with string and beads
  • Key chain

Be creative!!!


Talk Previews

You will present your talk to adult team members, including props, song and lyrics (rough draft), and gift idea or sample.

We will have a list of dates and times for talk previews at the retreat planning meeting.