“I Am Catholic”  Adult Talk

These are some questions to ponder in developing your talk. Use them as a guide in forming the narrative your talk. Your talk probably should not be a list of answers to these questions 😉

How did you become Catholic? Born into it? Or converted from another religion?

How has your faith evolved over the years?

How has your faith informed your life, your decisions, your career, your relationships?

What are some of the ways you live out your faith?

Who are some of the people that inspire you in your faith (e.g. saints, leaders, friends, …)

In what ways do you still want/try to grow in your faith?

Has your faith helped you through any difficult times? If so, how?

How does your church community support you in your faith? How do you support your church community in its faith?

What are some things that you would want today’s youth to know about how faith can enrich and fulfill their lives? What would you have wanted to hear about that 20 years ago?


This talk is the culmination of the talks given up to this point, from the perspective of an adult who is living their Catholic faith. It is meant to show the youth that our faith is relevant and is meant to be integral part of who we are and how we live.

The topics of the earlier talks lead up to this one: “I Am Catholic”

Please do not give advice in your talk – just share your experiences in your faith journey.


Here is the progression of talks before yours



Who are you?  How do you define yourself?

What has happened in your life that makes you who you are today?

Why did God make you?  Why are you here on this earth?

What special gift will you share?

The purpose of this talk is to share yourself in such a way as to have the students relate to you.  This talk is the ice-breaker, to welcome the students and help them to feel like they belong. You may share how you felt when you 1st arrived on your retreat, if you felt ambivalent, not sure of what was going to happen, maybe you didn’t know many other people…



Describe three individuals who have had an effect on your life.

Who? Why? How?

What are your relationships like now?

What characteristics drew you to them?  How did they affect your life?

Where would you be today without them?

How do they reflect your relationship with God and your faith?

The purpose of this talk is to describe how others influence who you are, how important others are in your life, and how these relationships inform you about your relationship to God. The students will understand that other people are there to help, lead, and guide them in their lives.



Describe ways in which you have shared your gifts with others in your life.

Who is(are) this(these) person(s) in your life?

How do you determine what you have to offer?

Why do you choose to give of yourself?

What challenges do you face when you do something for another person?

What do you learn about yourself when you give?

How does your experience helping others reflect your relationship to God?

The purpose of this talk is to share how you influence and affect other people in your life.  Who are the people who rely on you, turn to you, need your help? What do you do to place others before yourself?  How does giving yourself to others relate to your relationship with God?  The students will begin to see the affect their lives has on others.



How would you describe your relationship with Mary?

Who is she in your life?

How has Mary’s ‘yes’ to God influenced your ‘yes’ to God?

Why is Mary so important to Catholics?

The purpose of this talk is to share how, like Mary, you have answered yes to God. What does it mean to surrender yourself to God?  The students will have a deeper understanding of who Mary is and feel more comfortable allowing themselves to open up to God without fear.



How would you describe your relationship with Jesus?

Who is He?  What does He look like to you? Who introduced you to Him?

How do you spend time with Him?  How do you talk to Him?

How does He talk to you?

Has your relationship with Him changed over the years?

What kind of relationship did you have with Him when you were younger?

Do you turn to Him in times of trouble?

What would you like others to know about Jesus?

The purpose of this talk is to share your relationship to Jesus as your friend, so that the students begin to see Jesus as their friend. This talk leads into the reconciliation service, and the students will be ready to fully enter into the sacrament feeling closer to God.



What is church?

Why do you go?

What is your family’s relationship to the church?

What led you to be involved in your church community?

What does this community mean to you?

How does your community influence your relationship with God?

What does the future hold for you?  Why?

What led you to your decision?

How has your family influenced you?  Your friends? Your teachers? Your church?

What are the challenges, obstacles standing in your way?

What will you need to accomplish to reach your goal?

How does your faith play a role?

The purpose of this talk is to define what your church community means to you. How church helps you navigate on your journey.  ‘Now what?’ should answer the question:  How do I go back to my life after this retreat is over and continue to grow in my faith?  The students should feel prepared to face the challenges of returning to their routines knowing that it’s possible to remain faithful with a little help from their friends (community).