Talk:  Church/Now What?

The purpose of this talk is to define what your church community means to you.  How church helps you navigate on your journey.  ‘Now what?’ should answer the question:  How do I go back to my life after this retreat is over and continue to grow in my faith?  The students should feel prepared to face the challenges of returning to their routines knowing that it’s possible to remain faithful with a little help from their friends.

 Introduce yourself and your props (no more than 3):



The Talk:
Use these questions as prompts for brainstorming and writing your talk. Refer to the purpose of the talk above as well.

That is church?  Why do you go?


What is your family’s relationship to the church?


What led you to become involved in your church community? What does this community mean to you?


How does your community influence your relationship with God?


What does the future hold for you?  Why?  What led to your decision?


How has you family influenced you?  Your friends? Your teachers? Your church?


What are some of the challenges, obstacles standing in your way?


What will you need to accomplish to reach your goal?


How does your faith play a role, now and in thinking about your future?






This should connect to your topic and who you are.  It may be mainstream or Christian music, with no bad words or themes.  The song sheets are something the candidates take home to remember you and your song.  They must be typed on colored, white, or designed paper.  Be creative.  Let us know if you need help with copies.



This is your labor of LOVE.  It should relate to your talk and theme.  Plan to bring your supplies to our peer leader retreat and others can help make your gifts during our down time.  Do not spend more than $10.  If you need $$ or supplies, please let us know.  Be creative!  Sample ideas:

  • Prayer scroll with ribbon
  • Handmade cross
  • Ornament
  • Decade of the rosary with string and beads
  • Key chain