The videos for your makeup session are located here (SESSION 1)

Session 1

Your workbook for this session is the PDF file attached to the email we sent to you/your family

The session is composed of sections where you watch a video, read a section in a workbook, and reflect on questions. Feel free to write your thoughts on these reflection questions just for yourself, or discuss the questions with your parents, or both. If you write your thoughts just for yourself, let your parents glance at them to see that you completed the work.


Watch Read Reflect
“SESSION 1 : INTRO – Navigation” Section 1 ———-
“SESSION 1.1 – Your Choices Matter” Section 1.1 Discussion questions on pg 5
“SESSION 1.2 – The Best Way to Live” Section 1.2 Discussion questions on pg 11
“SESSION 1.3 – God’s Dream for You” Section 1.3 Discussion questions on pg 17
“SESSION 1.4 – Be a Rebel” Section 1.4 Discussion questions on pg 22
“SESSION 1.5 – Decision Point” Section 1.5 Discussion questions on pg 25


When you have completed this, have your parents print out the completion form(download here), sign it, and return it to the Coordinator (Tom).