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Apostles of Divine Charity (Charitan Missionaries) 

Beloved Brothers and Sisters in the Lord,

My name is Fr. Ernest Ukwueze, and today, I am speaking on behalf of the Apostles of Divine Charity, a male Religious Association founded in the Catholic Diocese of Obala, Cameroon, in the Central Africa.

The Apostles of Divine Charity was founded exclusively to help the poor and serve their needs. Our mission is primarily centered in our profound concern for the poor and the needy, especially those who are given less or zero attention in their communities. Our mission is to help this class of people reinstate their sense of value and help them become more aware of their relevance to human society, to themselves, their families, and to God. 

Our intention is to offer counseling to them, understand their needs, provide education to them, and discern the best ways of helping them become better persons, for the sake of God’s Kingdom. Making visible and practical the Mercy and the Love of God through the Work of Charity and by the means of the Corporal Works of Mercy is the major ingredient of our mission. Our utmost desire is to be the mouthpiece of God and “another Christ” to the poor and the needy. This is the summary of who we are as missionaries of the poor.

Now, let us talk about how we achieve this mission? Here are some means by which we offer help to the poor people of God in Africa:

  1. Providing education to children and youth who have interest to go to school but have no one to support them. We also offer adult education to interested adults who did not have the opportunity to receive formal education when they were younger due to poverty and lack of money.
  2. Providing healthcare services to the people of God is also an integral means of fulfilling our mission.
  3. We are also into active youth apostolate aimed at providing moral and religious education to the youth.
  4. Ministering to the orphans and the vulnerable children occupies an important place in our charism. We have orphanage centers where we provide shelter, food, clothing, and sound education to the homeless, orphans and indigent children.
  5. We also extend our apostolate to priests and religious who are retired or inactive due to their health conditions or other reasons, and elderly people whose family members are not able to care for them.

Having given you some vital information about who we are and what we do, we are asking for your prayers and financial support to continue this work for the poor people of God in Africa. Specifically, below are some of the pressing needs we have for which we are appealing for your support:

  1. Drilling of portable water (Borehole) to minimize widespread of waterborne diseases.
  2. Our ministry of feeding the poor: We have food pantries where we provide food to the poor and the needy. 
  3. Our rural area ministry center at which we offer material support (such as clothing, food, footwear, etc.) to people living in rural communities. 
  4. Developing our Orphanage Centers to enable us provide more effective support to the orphans and indigent children. 
  5. Construction of schools and vocational training centers in the rural towns for the poor who cannot afford paying for schools in the city due to serious financial restraints. 
  6. Funding of our scholarship and vocational training programs. For this, we intend to build more classrooms and workshops, and purchase more advanced machines and equipment to enhance the training programs we have.
  7. Development of our Youth Centers to enhance our apostolate for the youth. 
  8. Training and funding of our Seminarians’ educations, and 
  9. Our ministry of providing cares to elderly people including priests and religious.

I hope that you guys can offer us some financial assistance to support our missionary activities for the poor and less privileged. Whatever you can give from your heart will be warmly appreciated. Thank you very much. May God continue to meet you and your families at every point of your spiritual and material needs. Amen.

~Fr. Ernest Ukwueze,


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