How to Pray Workshop for Teens

The essential habit of a spiritual life is daily prayer that includes not only speaking to God, but listening and experiencing God’s love and presence.  For years now, I have lead a workshop on how to pray for adults. But, inspired by the book “I Heard God Laugh” we gave out recently at Easter, it occurred to me that this is a message and teaching our Teens can benefit from too!

The sooner one begins a prayer life, the greater the fruits it will produce. There is no greater gift one can give another than to help them pray and develop a close personal relationship with Jesus.  This workshop will use the above mentioned book as the main text, but also teach many ways to pray. We will experience prayer together in this workshop, and each participant will be asked to pray daily on their own. At each class participants will have an opportunity to share their experiences in prayer and how God is speaking to our hearts and lives. Classes will meet weekly over the summer. If you are interested, click this link to fill out a form with the times you can attend and we will get back to you.  —Fr. Paul.