Merry Christmas – Fr. Paul’s Christmas Eve Homily – “Peace on Earth Can it Be?”

Greetings and Peace to All, and Merry Christmas.

Peace to People of Goodwill.

I would like to share a few of the resources from our Christmas Eve Homily; “Peace on Earth Can it Be?”

With the birth of this Child, Jesus Christ Savior of the World, comes the promise proclaimed by the Heavenly Host for Peace on Earth.  Can it really be? We all wonder and deeply long for it.

Peace on Earth is certainly a lofty goal. But the story of the Christmas Truce during WWI shows that it really is possible. However, for each of us, that is a goal that we have no control over. However, we can live as “People of Goodwill” or as people of peace in our lives, if we are willing to lay down our arms, and seek what truly matters; loving relationships with all in our lives, and towards all we meet.

Read the Story of the Christmas Truce (click on the image)

Listen to the Song that inspired this message (click on image)

Listen to the Song telling about the Christmas Truce:


See the full post from Fr. Paul while he was vocation director for the Conventual Franciscans a few years back.


Listen to the Christmas Eve Homily: