Advent Message – Ways to Prepare for the Coming of Christ

An Advent Letter from Fr. Paul

Greetings and Peace this Advent Season.

I pray you had a Happy Thanksgiving! Now that it is over, it is tempting to turn our attention to Christmas.  However, the Church asks us first to enter into ADVENT, as a way of preparing for Christmas.  The Gospel this coming Sunday, the First week of Advent compares the time of Noah and the Flood which swept away all those unprepared, to these days. Like Noah needed time to build the Ark to be ready for the flood, this life does require us to use the time we have, to prepare for the coming judgement and Kingdom of God.  Are we using our time here wisely?  Advent is a period of less than one month, to focus on preparing ourselves for the birth of Christ. Like Mary between the time of the Annunciation and Birth, we take time to nourish the presence of God inside us, so that it grows, so we too may give birth to Christ, in our families, places of work, friends and to those in need. Let us use this Advent to prepare. If you do not already, please consider taking 5-10 minutes daily to pray, reflect and make more room for God in your mind, heart and life.

To help prepare, I’ve purchased “Little Blue Books” with daily Advent and Christmas reflections. If you did not get one of those, you may order one from the “Little Books” website to purchase a “Little Blue Book – Daily reflections for Advent and Christmas” in either print or ebook:

Or, there are other online daily reflections;

  1. By Bishop Barron:
  2. From Matthew Kelly and Dynamic Catholic:
  3. On our Parish Subscription to If you are not yet receiving these many videos and books on our Catholic Faith, for FREE, please do sign up through our website:

Finally, how about growing together with God and Each Other as a Family?

  1. For your family; download the “Mass Impact – Live IT” app:
  2. Or, to get together with other families and start a small group in your home:


Emmanuel; God is with us, let us make time to recognize this Great Gift!