Wednesday is Ash Wednesday

Do you have a plan for this Lent? Do you have a good Penitential practice for yourself and your family? Remember the three pillars of Lent are PRAYER – FASTING – ALMS GIVING.

We will do several actions as a parish during Lent. It is highly recommended that all parishioners use the Sacrament of Reconciliation during Lent. It is good for the Soul, especially an honest examination of our conscious — where am I at in my life and in my commitments – where do I need to grow in Love.

  • Prayer – taking time, every day for reflection, reading scripture, meditation, time with the Eucharist or one of the many other forms of prayer.
  • Fasting – traditionally food was central to this but there are many other ways of fasting – TV, the computer, Facebook, tobacco, alcohol, etc.
  • Alms Giving – helping others whether it be our time, talent or treasure. Doing the good that we can do, especially for the poor, each day.

Once again this year, we will be distributing Lenten Folders and Lenten Offering Cans. As in the previous years, your Lenten sacrifices are used to help the poor in Mission territories. Please use them each day as families and individuals to remind us of our need to care for the poor.

Ash Wednesday Schedule:
8AM Mass & Ashes
12PM Service with Ashes
2:15PM Service with Ashes
7PM Mass & Ashes (Spanish)