Catechetical Sunday

catechetical-sunday-2014-ad-270-montageWe are called as a parish to celebrate and proclaim the presence of Jesus in our lives. We are able to do so because of the Holy Spirit, Source of Unity. Today we formally recognize all who are engaged in the work of catechesis in our parish. Through this recognition, we all are encouraged to be instruments of the Good News. Also we all are called individually and as a community to the essential work of the Church to go forth and preach the good news.

Thank You: Joyce Armijo, Theresa Avila, Maria Banuelos, Kathe Barnes, Tom Baumann, April Beuder, Mary Causley, Silvia Contreras, Trisha Contreras, Lucy D’Agostino, Cathy Dellacamera, Carlos Diaz, Malissa Diaz, Katelyn Duffy, Warren Flynn, Max Foster, Tina Fucci, Daniela Gonzalez, Natali Guzman, Jimi Hazen, Amy Hendry, Angelica Hernandez-Ball, Patrick Hernandez-Ball, Wendy Lavis, Marta Cecilia Leanos, Vicki Lee, Monica Linnell, Alfonso Lopez, Letty Lopez, Susana Lopez, Melissa Lovick, Erika Melendez, Marianne Mitchell, Jack Moore, Mara Morelos-Kora, Deirdre Morrissey-Berru, Toni Noaker, Maureen O’Neill, Angelica Pastrano, Erin Petersen, Marta Reveles, Jasmin Reymundo, Daniel Rodriguez, Andrea Ruma-Harrington, Theresa Sieker, Yolanda Stedman, Amelia Talley, Christina Trujillo Lamas, Emily Vincunas, Amy Walter, Joanne B. Wildenhain , Mike and Eileen Sisson, Jonathan Riddick, Mike Ashenfelter, Sylvester Creado, Meike Brown, John Buckley, Mike & Paula DeManuel, Sandy Rumble, & Christopher Peraliz