Some Thoughts from Fr. Ray

St .Anthony's BreadThe Feast of St. Anthony is this Friday – June 13th. I personally want to attest to the power of the prayer of this wondrous Saint. During several of our remodels, when the challenges were great, I would turn to St. Anthony and tell him that this now is his problem. If it was to happen, I needed his intercession. St. Anthony always came through.

In thanksgiving, you might remember, we have the beautiful bronze in front of our Friary, which reminds us to care for the Poor – St. Anthony’s bread. Many of you have given to St. Anthony’s bread for the poor. I’ve shared your donations especially with missionaries. Through them, you have fed the poorest of the poor in Central America and Vietnam. During Lent you were also generous in feeding the poor through the Lenten cans, folders and special donations. Others of you give regularly to Hand-in-Hand. Be mindful of Saint Anthony Bread. Pray for the intercession of St. Anthony and then be generous to the poor. St. Anthony, the wondrous worker, pray for us.

Congratulations to all our graduates – University, High School and Grade School. Our graduation season has begun. Here at OLG our 8th Grade will graduate on Thursday (the 12th) at 6:00PM. (More will follow, next week.) Graduations are always an important milestone for the individual, the family, our society and our Church. May all our graduates continue to integrate their Faith into their journey of life.

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