A Note from Fr. Ray

Our parish has been very busy for the last two months. We just celebrated Confirmation and First Eucharist – two important Sacraments of Initiation into our Church. Our Parish continues to grow. The week after Easter was Fiesta 2014.

God provided us rain on Friday night (tears from heaven to ease our drought), a cool day that turned cold on Saturday night and then a very beautiful Sunday. I’m happy to let you know that even with the challenge of weather, our Fiesta was VERY SUCCESSFUL. Last year’s Fiesta was the most successful Fiesta we had in years. We almost matched it this year. Fiesta 2013 netted $51,658.62. Fiesta 2014 netted $49,487.79. Like last year, we had an abundance of volunteers to help. We are grateful to Mike and Stacey Ashenfelter for their Chairmanship of the Fiesta. As well as to the entire leadership team of Fiesta 2014: April Beuder; Megan Silveira; Marty Rodriguez; Marty Lambert; Terra O’Malley; Lindsey Junk; Philip Wagner; Joelle Barrett; Hugh Dougalas; Monika Ferris; and the many wonderful people from our Hispanic Ministry Team. Who were in the planning of the Fiesta through the entire year. Because we did have a successful Fiesta, we will be able to continue to address the maintenance issues of our School building (e.g. replacing the last of our 20+ year old carpets). Everyone who uses our classrooms will benefit from these improvements. Our Fiesta is truly a gathering of our parish with many of our neighbors. Our Fiesta dates back to the beginnings of our parish. In our Parish Office, we have a poster for one of the early Fiestas dated 1959 – 55 years ago. Once again thank you to everyone. Great things can happen when we pull together and work together.